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New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame

25 of New Zealands Finest Sports People
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Here are 25 of New Zealand’s finest sportspeople, across the range of sporting disciplines, and including the old and great alongside the young bucks, the new rising stars.  All of these sportspeople have succeeded on the world stage and many began their careers at a very young age.

Discover how they achieved their success and what it was that made them set their sights on the ultimate goal of ‘best in the world’.  With individual timelines, trophy boards, and personal stories for each athlete, Maria Gill provides a description of each sport and outlines personal training programmes for each athlete.  Children can set goals and create their own sport plan, and essential resources identify New Zealand sports organisations, museums and sporting competitions.  Stunning illustrations capture each sportsperson in action, inspiring young New Zealanders to match their achievements.


  • ISBN: 978-1-86966-422-0
  • Publisher: New Holland Publishers
  • Marco Ivancic's remarkable illustrations capture the winning style of each sports person

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