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Zuru Smashers Mini Dino Island Dinosaur Eggs Assorted

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Smash your way to an epic prehistoric adventure with Smashers Dino Island Mega Egg
SMASH your egg to smithereens to uncover the 25 hidden surprises inside this action-packed egg! Search through cotton candy foam, squishy sand, and super stretchy slime for your dino pieces! Along the way, look out for a pesky pirate figurine and 4 epic smashers mini eggs that hold exclusive characters! Construct your dino parts to discover which Smash-o-saur you’ve discovered! What arrrgh ye waiting for! Get smashing to discover your new dangerously epic Smashers Dino!

- Build the ultimate Dino SMASH-O-SAUR
- Slime, fizz and Smash your way through over 25 Dino Island surprises
- Smash through 4 mini egg surprises to let the mini characters loose!
- Use the nest to rebuild your eggs to smash again!
- There are two prehistoric beasts and over 20 Smashers mini egg characters to collect!
- Get Smashing to discover the world of Smashers Dino Island!

1 × Mega Dino Egg; 1× Pirate Smasher Figurine
1 × Golden Skull; 1× Scratch ‘n’ Find Map; 1× Dino Sand
1 × Dino Slime; 1× Dino Foam; 4× Puffy Stickers
4 × Mini Smash Eggs; 4× Surprise Characters
1 × Smash Egg Rebuilder
1 × Instruction Sheet; 1× Collectors Guide.

\*Suitable for ages 3 years and up

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