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Weed Eater Bladed Head Set - Compatible With Ryobi Trimer

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Weed Eater Bladed Head Set Compatible With Ryobi Trimer

Compatible with RYOBI Auto-Feed String Trimmers: 18-Volt, Hybrid, 24-Volt, 40-Volt, P2080, P2008A, P2008, P20100, P20010A, P20010, P2210, P2210CAN, P2200A, P2200ACV, P2200, P2030, P2031, P2003A, P2003, P2060A, P2060, P2006A, P2006, P2052, P2051, P2050, P2005, P2040, P2041, P2004, P20102, P2102BTL, P20120, P20103, P20103BTL, P20130, NOTE: It does not compatible with RYOBI 40V EXPAND IT.

Key Features:

  • The Bladed Trimmer Head fixed dual blades mean that you do not have to struggle with your trimmer line as it gets stuck
  • Easy Installation: simply push this trimmer head into the stringer socket and it automatically locks in place with assistance from the side push buttons, and it does not need adapter.
  • Suggestion---Make the spool hole opposite the straight lines on the lid
  • It is suitable only for cutting weeds in the horizontal plane. When cutting vertically, the blade breaks too easily. It is recommended to use a string trimmer reel for vertical cutting.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Cap
  • 8x Blade
  • 4x screw set


  • Material: Nylon, Fiberglass
  • Product dimensions (LWH): 7 x 7 x 2.7cm 
  • Package dimensions (LWH): 23x8x4.5cm
  • Weight:110 g
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