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Wax Melt Dye for Candle Making

24 colours
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  • Highly Concentrated Formula: Experience vibrant colors with our new formula, highly concentrated candle dye. Each 10ml bottle offers exceptional dyeing effects compared to regular liquid candle dyes.
  • Easy-to-Mix Solution: Unlike traditional candle wax dye chips, our wax melt dye eliminates the need for waiting as it instantly blends into the wax. Control the dosage and color density effortlessly by adding the candle color drop by drop. Blend multiple colors to achieve your desired hue.
  • Versatile Usage: Our wax color dye is suitable for various wax types, including Soy wax, Beeswax, Palm wax, Gel wax, Jelly wax, Paraffin Wax, and even soap coloring. Use the dye separately or mix and match for unique shades.
  • Safe & Stable Performance: Non-toxic and odorless, our candle dye for wax melts is skin-friendly and exceptionally stable in heat resistance. Compatible with all waxes, it leaves no residue in your wax.
  • Rich Color Palette: Choose from a spectrum of 24 different colors, including vibrant hues like Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, and more. Achieve the perfect color for your candles effortlessly.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Wax Melt Dye for Candle Making


1. Shake up the resin pigment bottle before use.

2. Do not drink it and keep away from children.

3. Store closed containers in a cool, dark place

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