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Magnetic Double Sided Glass Cleaning Brush

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Water-filled Magnetic Double Side Glass Cleaning Brush 3-8mm

Key Features:

  • [Water-filling magnetic window cleaning brush]: It adopts a strong magnetic design, which is not easy to fall, and is safer to use. It also has its own water-filling function, which automatically discharges water quantitatively. Wet glass, making window cleaning smoother, convenient and labor-saving. (The window cleaner can be tilted into the cleaning solution before filling the water, and the window will be cleaned more cleanly)
  • [Unique triangular unobstructed design]: The magnetic glass cleaner with triangular design can be wiped to narrow areas on the window, and the triangular frictional resistance is small, which saves effort to clean the window, and decontaminates without dead ends. Built-in magnetic block, scraper, cleaning sponge, water reservoir. Replaceable wiper strip, cleaning cotton and fixed button.
  • [Anti-pinch partition]: For 3-8mm thick glass, a strong magnetic force, please use this magnetic window cleaner correctly, hold the handle of the window cleaner, it can be rotated 90° to open, or you can use the bar to open, watch your hands when opening or closing it. And we are equipped with anti-pinch magnetic isolation pads to ensure the safety of every user.
  • [Stronger safety rope]: Our glass window cleaner is equipped with a 2.5-meter anti-fall rope. Before cleaning the window, put the safety rope on your wrist to prevent it from falling. You can stand in the room to clean the exterior windows and wipe the glass more firmly.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Water-filled Magnetic Glass Brush 
  • 2x Replace rubber
  • 2x Replace pads

Product Specifications: 

  • Material: ABS magnet rubber 
  • Product dimensions (LWH): 15×13×4.5cm
  • dimensions (LWH): 15x15x9.5cm
  • Weight: 650g
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