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Victron Automotive IP65 Battery Charger 6V/12V-1.1A w DC Connector

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Thanks to its seven-step charging algorithm, this professional smart charger maintains the health of your 12V lead-acid or Lithium batteries, and helps provide better performance and a longer battery life. 

A force-fed low current function can also recover some deeply-discharged ‘dead’ lead-acid batteries, which can save you the expense of buying a replacement. Built-in LEDs and one-button operation sets and shows the charging status and battery condition. Alternatively, the active charge status and operation can be set and checked in real-time via a Bluetooth enabled Smartphone, tablet or laptop. A graphical view and historical usage statistics can be viewed for the past 40 charge cycles, and expert settings can be set for optimum charging. 

The charger’s IP65 splash and dustproof rating makes it ideal for use in workshops, and safety features protect against reverse polarity, short circuits, and over-temperature. Supplied with 1.5m long lead with protected battery clamps or M6 eye terminals for temporary or permanent applications. In addition, the charger can also double as a power supply to power 12V devices in the workshop with or without a battery connected. Mains powered.

Charging modes:
1. Test/Charge
2. Bulk
3. Absorption
4. Recondition
5. Float
6. Storage
7. Refresh

- Supports Lead-acid and LiFePO4 12V batteries
- IP65 rated
- Bluetooth connectivity
- Android, iOS/Mac compatible App
- High efficiency & Silent Operation

Four models to choose from:
MB3950: 12V 5A. Supports lead-acid batteries from 7Ah to 50Ah or Li-ion batteries from 4Ah to 50Ah.  
MB3952: 12V 7A. Supports batteries from 7Ah up to 70Ah or Li-ion batteries from 4Ah to 70Ah.
MB3954: 12V 10A. Supports batteries from 10Ah up to 100Ah or Li-ion batteries from 6Ah to 100Ah.
MB3956: 12V 25A. Supports batteries from 33Ah up to 250Ah or Li-ion batteries from 20Ah to 250Ah.
MB3958: 6V/12V 1.1A. Supports batteries from 20Ah up to 50Ah or Li-ion batteries from 20Ah up to 50Ah.

Charge Voltage: 
- Absorption: Normal: 7,2 V | 14,4 V High: 7,35 V | 14,7 V Li-ion: 7,1 V | 14,2 V
- Float: Normal: 6,9 V | 13,8 V High: 6,9 V | 13,8 V Li-ion: Disabled
- Storage: Normal: 6,6 V | 13,2 V High: 6,6 V | 13,2 V Li-ion: 6,75 V | 13,5 V

Additional Specs:
IP Rating : IP65
Dust/Particle Ingress Protection : 6 - Dust tight, no ingress of dust
Liquid/Moisture Ingress Protection : 5 - Water jets
Length : 182mm
Width : 81mm
Height : 45mm
Weight : 900g
Mains Voltage Range : 220V, 250V
Frequency : 50Hz, 50Hz
Mains Max Current : 0.6A
Packaged Volume : 1.04l
Packaged Weight : 1kg
Packaged Length : 28cm
Packaged Width : 19cm
Packaged Height : 5.5cm
Type of Batteries : AGM Deep Cycle Gel Cell Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Charger Output Voltage : 7.2V, 14.4V
Charger Output Current : 1.1A
Controller Type : Multi-Stage
Connection Type : M6/M8 Eyelet Alligator Clips
Additional Functions : Short Circuit Protection Overload Protection Safety Timer Protection
Battery Capacity Range Up to : 30Ah
Cable Length : Output Cable Length: 1.5mMains Cable Length: 1.5m

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