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SmartHome 360 Degree IP Camera with 720p

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Be Home on Your Smartphone, No Matter When and Where You Are. Equipped with Ultra HD lens, easy to see the smiling faces from your family.
- 24/7 Keep Your Home Much Safer With 360 Smart Camera
- 7 Metres Night Vision Distance
- Two- way real time communication
- Face Recognition
- Body Determination
- Crying Detection

Custom 4 Pieces full HD optical glass lens, always gives your high definition for image.
- 4 Pieces - Full HD optical glass lens
- 110° - Wide angle
- 1280 X 720 - Resolution 

940 nm Infrade light, up to 7 meters of night vision distance.
Equipped with nine 14-nm light emitting wafer inside, up to 7 meters of night vision distance no matter how dark around. 940nm infrared light designed to protect your families' eyes.

Two- way real time communication, Feeling like your families beside you.
Using professional algorithm of audio full - duplex and voice enhancement, make the conversation with family as smooth as a phone call.

\* Two - way communication is supported on the iPhone and hundreds of mainstream Android phones.

Open a New Wisdom Life with Artificial Intelligence Technology.
Face Recognition - Records every happy moment from your family.
- Based on the algorithm of image feature and face recognition technology, 360 Smart Camera will identify your family members with high accuracy, and push the real time message to your phone.

Body Determination - Protect all property in your family.
- In view of deep learning technology of image, 360 Smart Camera will monitor the changes and identify the people passing by the camera, send you alerts in time when usual action happened.

Crying Detection - Never miss out a crying from your baby.
- Based on Markov Model technology, 360 Smart Camera will 24/7 automatically send the notification to your phone when detecting crying, timely deliver the babies words to theirs parents.

Encryption on 360 video data, offer bank-level security for your privacy.
360 Smart Camera uses HTTPS between the mobile app and server with 2- way authentication interaction to protect users\` identification. The video data steam also uses private encryption protocol for anti-hacking, anti-peeing and security on data transmission.

2 way storage, easy for video playback.
Both SD card and Cloud Video can record and photos shot by camera, keep you never miss out every important moment.

Cloud Video: Cloud Video starts to work when the service enabled. It will record the images or video when something changed in front of the camera without any storage device. You do not worry about the damage of storage card or missing of the information, you can check the video for latest 7 days at any time.

SD card video: The SD card will begin to record when inserted into camera. New video will covered the old one when the storage is full. Base on the accurate calculation, a 16G SD card can store the smooth mode video for 10 days.
- Support the capacity of SD card by 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G, and with the speed above class 4, format for FAT32.

With the deep accumulation on the technique, you will enjoy more practical function.
Fast and stable connection: After installing the app, you can connect the Wi-Fi within 3 min by following the prompt. Due to the independent metal antenna, the transmission of video data will be stable and smooth.

Share with your families: Give the access of camera to invite your families to view your home. Enjoy the fun of life together.

Mobile phone: Users can view their camera by mobile phone app.

Become a broadcast star: Your camera broadcasts can be showed with public after 3-step security check, then share your interesting life with online friends.

Key Features:
- Max Video Resolution: 1280 x 720p 20hz
- Memory Card Support: MicroSD Card
- Wireless Technology: RF
- Camera Megapixels: 2 Megapixels
- Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor

Material - ABC + PC
Size - Height 105mm, Head Width 58mm, Podium Width 68mm, Podium Height 22.3mm, Thickness 29.8mm
Weight - Net 102g
Color - White
Lens - 4 - piece HD optical lens set
Field of View - 90°Horizontal, 54° Vertical, 110° Diagonal
Video - H. 264 Standard, 1280 x 720P, 20fps
Audio - Embedded 5m all - directional noise- cancelling MIC and speaker, Opus dynamic audio coding / decoding
Infrared Light - 9 - piece 940nm infrared lights, 14um illuminating elements
Mode Switch - HYBRID algorithm, smooth switching between day and night
Night Vision Range - 7m
Network - WIFI (IEEE 802.11b/g/n supported); Wireless Security Standard: WEP (40- bit, 128 - bit); WPA (AES); WPA2 (AES)
Power - Input 5V- 1A, micro USB port
Usage Environment - -5 - 40°C, indoor use only
Storage - SD Card; Cloud storage

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