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Procell Alkaline 9V 12pk Industrial Battery by Duracell

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Procell alkaline batteries - devices that need constant power

Procell Alkaline 9V Industrial batteries PC1604 are ideal to be used on mid to low drain devices such as smoke detectors, electronic toys, and effects pedal for electric guitars. It has been designed to provide outstanding performance and durability that boasts long-lasting power for extended usage than its competitors.

Key Features:
- No disposal issues and has no added mercury.
- Reliable operation in temperatures between -20˚C to 54˚C.
- Increased battery life means a longer service life and lower operating costs.
- Each battery comes with a quality warranty to ensure reliability and produced using superior cell design for high-quality cell construction.
- It follows a stringent battery standard, which incorporates parts of the ANSI and IEC battery standards.
- Procell batteries are manufactured to rigid specifications to meet some of the highest standards of durability and longevity that professional users demand and expect.

Box of Procell 9V Batteries
- 12 x PC1604 9V Batteries

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