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57 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

57 in 1
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Original price $29.99
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Key Features:

  • With up to 57 accessories, this precision screwdriver kit can perfectly cope with all kinds of maintenance situations and meet any needs in your maintenance work. The screwdriver kit can be applied to all kinds of smartphones, iPads, apple watches, tablets, MacBooks, computers, laptops, game consoles, etc. It is also suitable for repairing watches, cameras and glasses.
  • Each screwdriver head is made of high-quality antirust S2 steel, which can meet your maintenance needs. The 60HRC hardness of S2 steel is much higher than that of alloy steel, precision cast steel and chromium-vanadium steel. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high wear resistance, high torque and high toughness. You can repair it for a long time without worry.
  • The magnetic screwdriver head can absorb and fit the screws more easily without damaging the screws and screwdriver head, making the maintenance work more comfortable and labor-saving.
  • Equipped with aluminum alloy handle, anti-skid paint treatment is adopted, and screw can be easily screwed with one hand with the rotatable screw cover on the top. Gently push the bottom of the inner box to pop up the inner box. 


  • Handle material: aluminum alloy
  • Shell material: aluminum alloy
  • Batch head material: S2 steel
  • Batch head model:
  • Phillips: ph00000, ph0000, ph000, ph00 (small), ph00 (large), pH0, Ph1 (small), Ph1 (large), pH2
    Hex: h0.7, h0.9, h1.3, H1.5, h2.0, h2.5, h3.0, h3.5, h4.0
    Safety plum blossom t6h, t7H, t8h, t9h, t10h, t15h, t20h
    Slotting: SL1, sl1.5, SL2, sl2.5, SL3, SL4
    Y three wings: y0.6, y1.5, Y2, y2.5
    Five valves: P2, P5, P6, 2mm
    Plum blossom: T2, T3, T4, T5
    Square: sq0, SQ1, SQ2
    Triangle: 2.0, 2.3, 3.0
    U type: U4, U6
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