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Non Stick Air Fryer Liners 200 Pieces

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Key Features:

  • Prevent food, grease, oils and fat from sticking to your pan, basket or rack. Prolong the life of your air fryer and make clean-up easier and faster.
  • Perfect for Cooking and Baking: Increase your food options. Cook and bake everything from meat, fish, vegetables, dumplings, dim sum, pizza, ribs, brownies, cookies, and many other types of foods and desserts. The perforated holes allow air to flow evenly, giving your food the perfect crisp.
  • Avoid Extra Oils, Fats, and Grease: No need to spray your food with any extra oils. The parchment paper sheets prevent food from sticking, allowing you to cook without the added calories.

Package Includes:

  • 2 x 100Pcs Parchment Paper
  • Square - Approximately 7/8/9" in diameter
  • Round - 23cm in diameter


- Do not use the paper during Pre-Heating
- Always weigh down the liner with food; fore if it's not sufficiently weighted down, the liner may fly close to the heating element and burn

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