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Match & Learn Colours

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With this, children get to read a lovely story about a hippopotamus on a very grey day in, One Grey Day which is a fantastic and thought-provoking story written and illustrated by Daryl. From a story point of view, children are going to be hanging on each word. Children love stories about animals and that is a huge part of the appeal of this incredible story. The story is brought to life with charming artwork that really will make children get more invested in the story and hopefully, develop a love for reading.

While being a storybook you could share with a child at bedtime would already make this a fantastic purchase. There is more than that here, you see as well as being a great story, this also comes with a set of puzzle cards that are themed around the colours that are in the story. The idea is that children will become more familiar with colours and as they have to match them up, there is also some problem-solving fun for them to take part in here too. It is just a really adorable set and something that they are going to have a whole heap of fun with.

Suitable for ages 2 and up.

Key Features:

  • The hippopotamus in this story is sure to be a huge hit with kids
  • The story is brought to life with some incredible artwork
  • This is a great way to help a child love reading
  • The puzzle cards are something they will have a lot of fun with
  • This is something fun for you to do together

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