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Kiddy Dough Ultimate Chefs kitchen

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The Ultimate Chefs Kitchen from Kiddy Dough is here to bring the fun of making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but without the trashing of the kitchen! This is the perfect gift for a child with a creative mind.

Kiddy Dough is a great way for a child to have fun with their creative side. This set comes with 8 cans of Kiddy Dough so they will have a fantastic selection of colors to use when it comes to making the food. This set also comes with a whole host of fun accessories that they can use. The special kitchen mold has many different molds that they can use to make things like bacon, eggs, waffles, and more. It even comes with another mold that lets them make many different pizza toppings such as peppers, cheese, onions, and much more!

While making many different types of food is awesome. The Ultimate Chefs Kitchen is so packed with stuff that they can also use their imagination to make whatever they can think of. Any child who enjoys making things is going to have a great time with this. Plus, as this set comes with 8 cans of Kiddy Dough of many different colors, there are no limits to what they can create with this set.


Suitable for ages 6 and up.


Key Features:

  • Kids can have fun making all kinds of dough food!
  • This set comes with eight different colors of Kiddy Dough
  • Tons of different molds that let them easily make many kinds of food
  • Kiddy Dough is non-toxic and great for kids who love to make things
  • This is one of the larger Kiddy Dough sets to be released!
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