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Jacqueline Wilson 10 Pack

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Jacqueline Wilson Collection

This collection contains 10 books by one of the most iconic British children's authors. Jacqueline Wilson has been a staple of children's and Young Adults' libraries for many years and this collection is a great starting point for her work. Each book has been beautifully brought to life with illustrations by Nick Sharratt, who has illustrated almost all of Wilson's novels.

Each story has a unique and heart-warming tale of different children experiencing life in different ways. Whether it's about a sibling rivalry, family trouble or worries at school Jacqueline Wilson's books cover it all and this collection has 10 very popular titles.

About the Author

Jacqueline Wilson has been an iconic children's author ever since the release of The Story of Tracy Beaker in 1991. She reported that she first began writing at the age of 9 and has kept writing to this day, with her books becoming instant bestsellers upon release. Numerous adaptations have been made of her books, out of this collection both Double Act and the Illustrated mum have been adapted into TV features. The immense popularity of her books has remained throughout the years, you can check out our collection of Jacqueline Wilson books here.

Unique Stories

Each book brings its own unique story and opens the reader to different situations and how different families live. Alternatively, the reader may be experiencing difficult circumstances at home or at school and these books could help them process their emotions or if they relate to the characters they may feel less alone.

Below is a synopsis of each book featured in this collection. A lot of the books feature more mature themes but are suitable for 9+ readers. Jaqueline Wilson is one of the most beloved authors due to the subject matter she tackles through her many characters. Reading Wilson's books will keep your child interested and focused on the stories, helping them improve their reading skills as they will be invested in these characters and want to continue reading to see what happens next.

Titles in this Set:

* The Bed and Breakfast Star

* Best Friends

* Bad Girls

* Double Act

* The Illustrated Mum

* Midnight

* Sleepovers

* The Suitcase Kid

* The Worry Website

* The Worst Thing About My Sister

The Bed and Breakfast Star

Living in a run-down bed-and-breakfast filled with other homeless families, ten-year-old Elsa wisecracks her way through the problems she's facing. All the while she is dreaming of the day she will be a big star. But life in the Royal hotel is no joke, and when things go dangerously wrong, Elsa suddenly has the chance to be a real star.

Best Friends

Gemma and Alice have been best friends since they were born. It never seems to matter that Gemma loves football while Alice prefers drawing or that Gemma never stops talking while Alice is more likely to be listening. They share everything. Then one day Gemma finds out there is something Alice isn't sharing, a secret. When Gemma discovers what it is, she isn't sure if she and Alice can stay best friends anymore.

Bad Girls

Mandy has always been picked on at school. So she's delighted when cheeky and daring Tanya picks her as a friend. Only her mum isn't happy as she thinks Tanya is a bad girl and a bad influence. But Mandy is sure Tanya will keep her out of trouble.

Double Act

Ruby and Garnet are ten-year-old twins. They're identical, and they do everything together, especially since their mother died three years earlier. But can being a double act work forever, when so much around them is changing? Told in a diary format, alternating between the twins, this story about growing up and moving on is heart-warmingly good.

The Illustrated Mum

Dolphin adores Marigold, her beautiful, vibrant mother. She has vivid tattoos all over her body, bright hair and wonderful clothes. She thinks she is the most magical mum in the world but she sometimes wishes she looked after her and her sister Star a little better.


Violet has plenty to wish for: she wishes her brother, Will, would be kinder to her. She wishes she could hide the terrible secret that she has discovered about him. She wishes she had a real friend to confide in. And, most of all, she wishes she could meet her favourite author, Casper Dream. Violet can't help thinking that someone who creates such beautiful fairy stories would be able to conjure up a solution to her problems.


Sleepover parties are the greatest! Everybody's having one. All of Daisy's friends in the Alphabet Club - Amy, Bella, Chloe and Emily - have had sleepovers for their birthdays but Daisy has a dilemma. She'd love to have a sleepover too, but then she'd have to let her friends meet her sister.

The Suitcase Kid

Andy's mum now lives with Bill the Baboon and his three kids. Her dad lives with Carrie and her twins. Where does Andy live? Out of a suitcase. One week with mum's new family and one week with dad's. Andy just wants to go back home to Mulberry Cottage.

The Worry Website

Type in your worry…is anything bothering you? Problems at class or at home? Don't know where to turn for help? Log on to the Worry Website! Type in your worry and wait for the good advice to flow in. At least that's the plan when Mr Speed sets up his super cool new Worry Website for the class. Holly, Greg, Natasha and the rest of the school feel like they've got shed loads of worries but, as they find out, sometimes the best advice comes from the most unexpected place.

The Worst Thing About My Sister

Marty and her older sister Melissa couldn't be more different. Melissa loves pink and all things girlie, whereas Marty loves football and making model animals. Everything changes when they are forced to share a bedroom, will the girls learn to get along or will it all end in a big fight?

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