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I am Jack Series

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Written by acclaimed Australian author, Susan Gervay, I Am Jack is a fantastic story about a child who has to deal with bullying. It is a heartwarming and thought-provoking story for children.

Jack is a nice and good kid who has a good life. He loves to take photographs and has dreams of becoming a photographer. At school, he loves to play handball and he is pretty good at it too. Plus, he has a great home life and has a lot of fun with his family. Jack’s life is changed when a kid decides to call him “butt-head”. Before long the whole school is doing it and Jack is not happy at all.

This is a truly engrossing story about bullying and the effects of bullying. It can help a child deal with bullies. The book can also help a child think about the way that they treat others and that the things they say and do can have a real negative effect on others. It is a well written story and a book that the Children’s Book Council of Australia deemed worthy to have their esteemed sticker and logo on the cover.

Key Features:

  • Jack is a very likely protagonist
  • The story is well written
  • It can help a child if they have had to deal with bullying
  • This is also a good way to help a child see that the things they say and do can have consequences
  • The book is recommended by the Children’s Book Council of Australia
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