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How to Draw Dinosaurs

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All kids love dinosaurs and with this amazing Fun Station How To Draw Dinosaurs book, children can learn how to actually draw these ferocious and fun creatures. Colouring is fun, but actually being able to draw is something else! This book contains many different art lessons, each one is themed around a different dinosaur. What is really cool about this is that each lesson is broken down into easy to follow steps that are simple for children to understand. They are going to get more and more confident in their artistic ability each time they take part in one of the fun lessons in this book.

There are all kinds of dinosaurs for them to draw. There is the big and strong T-Rex, the brave and powerful Triceratops, and even the very rude Dilophosaurus who loves to spit! To help children bring these dinosaurs to life, also included are a set of high-quality art pens. This is a great gift idea for children that have an interest in arts and crafts. It is going to not just help them learn to draw, but inspire them to draw their own creations too.

Key Features:

* This is the ultimate art gift for children that love dinosaurs

* Each art lesson in this book is themed around a different dinosaur

* It comes with a set of pens so they can colour once their drawing is done

* Drawing dinosaurs is always a fun time!

* It will help give them more confidence when it comes to arts and crafts

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