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Garden Auto Irrigation System - 30 Meters

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If you want to have a beautiful garden, green lawn, a greenhouse full of flowers, vegetables, and do not want to water them, this product can help you Irrigation is the key to a successful garden. Long gone are the days of manual watering or relying on a friend to water when you are on holiday or away on business. A quick soaking with the hose does little to quench the thirst of most plants and in fact, will only wet the first few centimeters of soil leaving the base of the root ball dry and causing the roots to surface in their quest for moisture. We now supply an easy-to-use micro-irrigation system that will ensure that all your trees & shrubs including potted plants receive the correct measure of watering. The system allows you to water all your pots and containers which are connected to the system with one turn of the tap. The irrigation system can also be connected to an Electronic Water Timer for more precise control overwatering. Ideal for: Hanging Baskets Pot Plants Flower Beds Borders Greenhouses The system provides slow and even watering promoting growth without disturbing the soil. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 30m hose 
  • 30 x Adjustable dripper 
  • 30 x Fixed stem 
  • 47 x Tee joint 
  • 3 x Faucet connector accessories 
  • 1 x Universal Adapter
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