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Electric Water Gun

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Electric Water Gun High-Pressure Squirt Blaster Soaker Summer Outdoor Pool Toys

Key Features:

  • Powerful water gun: Our electric water gun has a large water output, strong shooting power, and strong water pressure.
  • Automatic water absorption: Immerse the nozzle of the water gun in the water, and press the trigger forward for a long time to automatically absorb water. When the water is full, a water column will be ejected.
  • Long shooting distance: The longest design distance of the water gun can reach 10m.
  • Long-lasting combat power: It can absorb water 25 times when fully charged, and can fire 120 water bombs each time, a total of 3,000 water bombs can be fired.
  • Cool design: Bright colours and streamlined shapes make it stand out in water battles and become the focus of children.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Water Sprayer Electric Water Gun
  • 1x USB Charging cable
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Screw driver

Caution: Please wear a goggle, do not shoot in the eyes.
Note: When filling water, only the muzzle of the gun can be put into the water, and the place above the grip cannot be put into the water, let alone the whole gun.

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