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Double$Down 4 Way Mini Skate Ramp

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Kids, you need this for the backyard.

Set it up as 4 way mini ramp and jump set. Or set up as 4 indivdiual mini ramps.

Great for Scooters, Skateboards and Bikes

Made of Hard wearing UV protected Plastic its built tough. BUT it is only for the Kids, Mums and Dads stay Off it!

- 4 individual Mini ramps that clam shell together for easy storage
- Easy Assembly with just 8 wingnuts to lock it together
- Rubber Anti Skid plates on all 4 ramp bases
- MAX WEIGHT of Skater or Rider is 50KG
- Dimensions: 150cm(legth) x 125cm(width) and 20cm(height)
- Suit for ages 2-10 years old

\*don't leave it in the sun for extended periods as the harsh New Zeland sun will break it down and make it brittle

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