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DIY Resin Rings

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If you know a little jewellery entrepreneur in the making then this Resin Ring Kit is the perfect gift for them. This is going to provide them with a ton of fun and a bunch of cool rings that they can wear or share with their friends and family.

This kit has all a child needs to make some funky and cool looking resin rings. Children are going to love how bright and colourful these are and the different colour swirls really do make each ring not only be unique but also pop. These are the kind of things that they will love handing out to friends and family members on their birthdays or Christmas. It truly is a fantastic set that is like a one stop jewellery kit all in one box.

While having the chance to make their own rings and then wear them at school or around the neighbourhood is cool and fun. Another thing that makes this Resin Ring Kit so great is that it will also help encourage a child to think more creatively. If you know a child that already has a bit of a creative streak in them, this is a wonderful way for you to nurture that talent!

Key Features:

This set lets them make some awesome looking rings

The bright and colourful swirls really do make each ring pop

This is the perfect gift for a child who is creative

They will also be working on their fine-motor skills

It is fun for them and they can share the rings with others!

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