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Construct-It Platinum X Scissor Lift Truck

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There is just something very cool about a scissor lift truck isn’t there? With this amazing set, children get to bring to life this scissor lift truck, piece by piece and step by step. This is part of the Platinum X range and that means that the pieces are made from real stainless steel!

 While it may sound difficult, Construct It make sure that children know exactly what they are doing. Each step of the way is easily explained and children are encouraged to take their time and think about what they are doing. The Construct It series actually teaches children about the basics of engineering which is really cool. The Construct It Scissor Lift Truck is made of 360 pieces and children can use these pieces and the included tools (along with their own imagination) to come up with their own cool creations too.

Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • This scissor lift truck is going to be lots of fun to build
  • Real tools are included in the box
  • The pieces are made from stainless steel which looks and feels cool
  • This is a fun way for children to learn about education
  • They can come up with their own creations too!

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