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Construct-It Platinum X Howitzer Cannon

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Construct It make the best construction-based toys around and this Military - Howitzer Cannon is a real piece of military artillery that looks cool and will provide a fun challenge for an engineer in training. The real stainless-steel parts give this set a sense of authenticity that makes the construction of it feel more fun and more real than anything else. Children will not just be having a great time with this; they will also be learning the basics of engineering as they go!

Construct It is heavily influenced with S.T.E.M learning in mind which helps a child learn as they play. Using real tools is a great deal of fun and the fact that this comes with its own tools makes it even cooler! Using tools to screw each piece of the Military - Howitzer Cannon into place will make your child feel even happier with themselves each time they look at this or play with it. As this set contains over 500 pieces children can use their imagination and all of these pieces to make their own cool contraptions!

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