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Cocomelon Starter Puzzles - Bedtime

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Cocomelon and their fun and educational style of entertainment has proven to be a massive hit with kids and their parents. This Cocomelon Starter Puzzles – Friends is a fantastic way for children to have a little bit more Cocomelon fun at home.

One of the reasons that Cocomelon has taken over the world is that their catchy music videos teach children about things such as numbers, letters, animals, and more. They teach children, but they teach them in a fun and interesting way. Learning through having fun is a way to make sure what children are learning is fun. This Cocomelon Starter Puzzles – Friends is part of a series of exciting Cocomelon puzzles that kids will love.

This one is called Friends because it features the Cocomelon characters playing in the playground and having fun like they always do. This is a very simple board-style puzzle so it is perfect for little children. They will need to figure out what character goes into what spot on the puzzle. What is neat about this is that while they will be having fun with their Cocomelon characters, they will also be working on their fine-motor skills and problems solving skills too.

Key Features:

  • This set features six fun Cocomelon characters
  • It is very bright and fun
  • The perfect puzzle for a younger child
  • It will help sharpen their fine-motor skills
  • It is a great way to encourage them to think
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