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Cocomelon Chunky Puzzles - Animal Friends

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One of the best things about Cocomelon is the way that it teaches children about various things such as letters, animals, and numbers as well as letting them have fun. This fun-tastic Cocomelon Chunky Puzzles – Numbers is here to help them get more familiar with their numbers.

Cocomelon really has taken the pre-school world by storm. Their YouTube channel is one of the best around and the way that they have helped so many kids become more familiar with their ABCs and numbers is fantastic. This Cocomelon Chunky Puzzles – Numbers as the name suggests is all about numbers. Children will be able to become far more familiar with their 1-10 and have fun counting with the puzzle pieces as each one is nice and bright and has that instantly recognizable Cocomelon style.

This set features puzzle pieces that have numbers on them and it is up to the child to put them in the right order. Kids will love doing this and it will help them develop a much better understanding of numbers. As well as giving them a fun mental workout, this Cocomelon Chunky Puzzles – Numbers also helps work on those fine-motor skills as they put each piece into its rightful place.

Key Features:

·      This puzzle will help children become more confident with numbers

·      It is nice and bright and has that fun Cocomelon style

·      Children will love how close to the show this looks

·      It is the perfect gift if you want something that is fun and educational

·      This would be perfect as a child’s first puzzle

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