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Big Bag of Bear Books

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Ten cuddly bear books for story time on the go!

Baby Bear and the Big Wide World: The BIG, WIDE WORLD is scary for Baby Bear, who longs to be brave and adventurous. Children will delight in joining Baby Bear as he tentatively explores the wonders of the outside world. Will Baby Bear realise that the world is not that frightening, especially when there’s a friend to share it with? The gentle, charming tale and soft, appealing illustrations make this storybook an enchanting bedtime read that is destined to become a firm favourite.

Be HAPPY: When a little polar bear asks his mommy, When I grow up, what will I be?, she is full of loving advice. Follow Little Bear as he listens and tries out all the things Mommy Bear suggests he can be in life, from kind, strong and playful, to calm, brave and, of course, happy. Alex Patrick's gently humorous illustrations are a delightful observation of Little Bear's exuberant enthusiasm and the loving, caring parent-child bond portrayed in the simple, heartfelt text. Complete with foil cover finish.

Happiness is: What is happiness? Is it holding hands with a friend or jumping in a muddy puddle? Is it playing on the swings, or warming up with a cuddle? A bilingual text.

How Much Do I Love You: How much does Mummy bear love her cub? As deep as an ocean? As high as a mountain? Find out in this heart warming family story about a parent's love for their child.

I Can't Bear It: When a little girl called Clare doesn't want to do something she gets into a real grump! That's when Bear has to step in. But for how long will the long-suffering Bear be able to put up with Clare's tantrums?

Little Bear's Big Adventure: Little Bear learns that surprises can be tricky in this story about the very special bond between a mother bear and her cub.

Little Lost Panda: Little Lost Panda is a padded hardcover board storybook. Little Panda loved running ahead of Mommy Panda in the bamboo forest. But one day, he ran further than he had ever done before ... Little Panda was lost!

PAndaMoNium: As the zoo keeper snored, the great lion roared, and the octopus borrowed the keys. With tentacles nimble, he found it quite simple, to open the lock with some ease.OCO Children will delight in watching the zoo keeper sleep as the animals around him cause pandamonium! Fantastic illustrations by award-winning artist, Mark Chambers bring each of the animalOCOs characteristics to life and humorous text by Dan Crisp ensure that each spread is bursting with mischievous fun!"

The Bear Who Would Not Share: When Bear spends the morning baking delicious cakes all of his woodland friends ask to try one. There's just one problem, although Bear is a great baker, he's not so good at sharing!

The Biggest Bear in the World: 'Look at me I'm feeling good. I'm the biggest bear in the wood' Being the biggest bear in the wood is great. But Bear is in for a surprise...

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