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Beehive Trellis For Potted Plants - 3 Pack

3 Pack
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Training your plant to climb upward instead of sprawl, the trellis helps train it up and keep it from turning into a bush. The plant pole support doesn't detract from the beauty of the plant while helping you keep it contained and growing up rather than everywhere. Work Like a Sturdy and eco-friendly wood material, unique potted plants trellis pattern, modern and simple design make the climbing plant more elegant and decent than most bedazzled plant trellis to meet your pursuit that everything is simple, less is more. Excellent For Climbing Plants - The texture of the garden trellis for climbing plants is perfect for plants to attach to without any assistance, easy to mimic their natural environment, plants cling to the plant support stake more easily, it is more natural than most the metal and plastic indoor trellis. More Uses - Climbing plants and small vining plants in pots and containers need extra help to encourage new growth. These indoor potted plant poles are suited for Monstera, Pothos, Money Plants, etc.The first choice for your garden decor, artificial flowers, and more

Package Includes: 

  • 3 x Beehive Trellis


  • 3 Pack Beehive Trellis for Potted Plants 
  • Material: Nylon, ABS 
  • Product dimensions (LWH): 10.3×19.3cm 
  • Package dimensions 20X11.5X1.5CM(LWH): 
  • Weight:52g
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