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6 in 1 Key Finder

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This key finder can help you to find the lost keys, remotes, purse, eyeglasscane and other easily lost items quickly. With just one press on the color-coded button, the beep sound and flashes will lead you to find the lost itemsThe key finder with base support is also a good display for your house. Thetransmitter is removable from base and can be carried with you to find lost items.

Batteries Installation

A. Transmitter

Follow the steps below to install batteries into the transmitter.

1. Remove the battery door located on the back of the transmitter.

2. Install the batteries according to the (+) and (-) marks inside the batterycompartment.

3. Push the battery door back into place.

B. Receiver

1. Open the outer shell with the opening tool provided.

2. Replace CR2032 battery. Please mind the polarity of battery.

3. Close the outer shell.


1. Attach the color-coded receivers to your frequently lost items with the key rings or double sided adhesive tape.

2. Press and release the corresponding color-coded button on the transmitter.

3. If the receiver is in range, it will beep and meanwhile the LED indicator will flash.

4. If no beep is heard, change your location or use new batteries and press the button again.


  • Working range: 15-30 meters (open space)
  • Sound: 75-80dB
  • Frequency: 433.92MHz

Package Includes:

  • 1 x transmitter
  • 6 x  receiver
  • 9 x CR2032 batteries
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