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Preston Pig Book Set

5 Book Collection

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Suddenly!: A Preston Pig Story - 

A large, toothy, mean-looking wolf zealously stalks Preston the pig. But each time the wolf gets close, Preston suddenly changes course and unknowingly eludes his pursuer. Colin McNaughton’s humorous illustrations enhance the element of surprise each time Preston “outsmarts” the wolf. Young readers will laugh with delight as this suspenseful tale unfolds. 

Oomph!: A Preston Pig Story - 

Preston Pig is off to the seaside on holiday when he bumps into Maxine - Oomph! - and falls in love! Mister Wolf is on holiday too, in search of sunshine, sea, sand...and sausages!

Oops!: A Preston Pig Story - 

Preston sets off to take a basket of food to his granny's, wearing a red coat and hood, and looking very much like Little Red Riding Hood. As ever, Mister Wolf is in hot pursuit, but he can't think which story Preston's red coat and hood reminds him of, and consequently can't remember what he is supposed to do...

Boo!: A Preston Pig Story - 

As night falls, beware of the Masked Avenger-otherwise known as Preston the pig. Preston scares the wits out of his victims until he meets up with the worst villain on earth-his dad! Children will delight in this suspenseful and hilarious sequel to Suddenly! by one of Britain’s most highly acclaimed creators of children’s books.

Hmmm: A Preston Pig Story - 

Preston looks out of the window and is surprised to see Mr Wolf sitting there. Mister Wolf announces that he is waiting for Preston to come outside so that he can eat him, at which Preston suggests that Mister Wolf should get a job. A comic discussion ensues.