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Copper Pro Sandwich Press

Non Stick & Scratch Resistant
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There's nothing better than a toasted cheese sandwich. Nothing! and that's why you need the Copper Pro Sandwich Press in your life. this awesome sandwich press allows you to cook toasted sandwiches, paninis, meat and more, right on your cooktop! With a non-stick, scratch resistant cooking surface, aluminium plates for even heat distribution, and ribbed top and flat bottom plates to grill food on both sides and cut cooking times by 50%! Plus, with a stay cool handle and a secure lock-clip to maintain even pressure for perfect toasting, lunch will be ready in no time flat!


  • Ceramic copper coated
  • Non-stick & scratch resistant surface
  • Aluminium induction plate distributes heat evenly
  • Cooks without butter, oil or grease
  • Ribbed top & flat bottom plates to grill sandwiches or meat on both sides
  • Reduces cooking time by up to 50%
  • Maintains even pressure on the sandwich for perfect toasting
  • Allows you to make thicker sandwiches, wraps & snacks
  • Cooks on the stove top
  • Works on induction
  • Easy secure lock grip handle for safety
  • Make hot sandwiches, grilled meat, wraps, paninis & more
  • Dimensions (approx. cm): 34 x 15 x 3 (L x W x H) 
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