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Amber Teething Necklace

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Amber Teething Necklace

When baby’s first tooth appears, it’s exciting, but it certainly doesn’t come quietly. The drooling, fussing, and long nights probably have you searching high and low for natural teething relief.

Lucky for you, amber teething jewellery has provided the solution for thousands of babies over many generations.


  • Safety knotted (Amber Bead), hand crafted with the highest quality standard on the market
  • Must have gift for new born & toddlers
  • 100% Genuine Baltic Amber Guaranteed import from Lithuania
  • Ba-rock bead style
  • Screw clasp
  • All beads individually knotted
  • Round polished beads to protect baby skin from scratch
  • Safety knotted means that if the necklace breaks it will still stay together. Meaning you won't have a bunch of loose beads to be swallowed. Especially at night time you won’t stress worrying that something might happen on the necklace.


  • Infant size approx. 28cm-32cm
  • Four different choices multi, cherry, honey, cognal
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