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Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant 16oz

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Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant 16oz

Flex Seal is designed to withstand water pressure and extreme temperatures. Flex Seal will not sag or drip in the summer nor crack or peel in winter. Whether it's hot or cold, your Flex Seal will continue to stop leaks effectively.

New Flex Seal® Liquid is an easy to use rubberized coating that starts out as thick liquid, seeps into cracks and holes and dries to a watertight, flexible, rubberized coating. Flex Seal® Liquid creates a super strong, protective rubber coating that blocks out air, water and moisture. Once cured it forms a watertight, weatherproof, non-slip barrier that is resistant to rain, snow, sun, wind, hail, air, moisture, UV degradation, extreme temperatures and natural weathering. Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous formula is safe around plants and animals. It is mildew and chemical resistant and helps prevent rust and corrosion. Perfect for DIY projects, crafts and hobbies. Can be used on concrete, glass, brick, stucco, masonry, wood, copper, plastic, tile, fabric, vinyl, fiberglass metal, aluminum, PVC and so much more. Allow 24-48 hours to cure.


  • Brush on, roll on, dip or pour
  • Non hazardous & Non toxic
  • Safe for plants & animals
  • Non flammable & UV resistant
  • Goes on smooth & covers fast
  • Seals out water, air & moisture
  • Mildew and chemical resistant
  • Prevents rust & corrosion
  • Stops noise & vibrations
  • You will receive 1 x 16 OZ (473ml) Can of your colour choice

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