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Silicone Egg Pods

Set Of 6
Only $7.99
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Thermodynamic technology boils the egg in the pod. Delicious boiled eggs without the shell. Crack the egg, pour it into the Silicone egg pods, boil and serve. Select how you like your eggs cooked every-time. BPA FREE and Dishwasher safe. No more peeling messy boiled eggs. There is 6 egg pods in a box so you can cook for the family at one time.


  • 6 egg pods
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Never peel a hard-boiled egg again!
  • Just crack egg in to the silicone pod, boil, and pop out to enjoy
  • Thermodynamic design allows eggs to cook just like in the shell
  • Great for devilled eggs, egg salads, and eggs benedict, and more!
  • Can season eggs before cooking and infuse flavours into egg (i.e. salt, spices, onions, bacon, etc.)
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