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Zap! Extra Nail Pen Salon

with Nail Polish
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Make your nails dazzle with this fun Zap! Extra Nail Pen Salon kit! Using the 48-page book full of tips and techniques, create detailed designs with the help of the micro nibs on each of the 4 nail polish colours!

Want to create intricate nail art designs? Want to be a true nail artist? Then Zap Extra Nail Pen Salon is for you! Your nail art designs are sure to attract attention, the secret to it all will be your command of the nail art pens, just follow the instructions.

Packed with everything you need to create your own unique nail art, from painting bow ties on your fingernails to bunting on your toenails, this kit contains a 48-page book with step-by-step instructions, and 4 nail art pens with precise applicator micro nib and polish brush


  • Micro nib and a 48-page book
  • A great gift for girls aged over 6 years
  • Kit includes: 4 x nail polish colours each
  • Create beautiful nail art with this amazing craft set,
  • This paperback book set has 48 pages and measures: 26 x 19 x 3.5cm.
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