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Portable Teddy Bear Speaker

built-in 3.5mm jack
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Ditch your old boxy music box/dock and say hello to Teddy. Armed with full range speakers in the feet, Teddy will hug your MP3 player (iPod, smartphone or any portable music player with a headphone plug) and then play back the music through the speakers.

Powered by batteries, Teddy can come with you on journeys or sit anywhere, ready to go.


  • Stereo Speakers built into the soft toy's feet
  • 3.5mm stereo jack with built-in cable
  • Built-in battery compartment
  • Full range sound quality
  • Connect to headphone socket of MP3 player, iPod, iTouch, Smart-phone or iPhone
  • Dimensions(mm): w: 220 h: 155 d: 210
  • Blue or Pink randomly sent, no colour choice
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