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Helping Handle

Easy Grip Safety Bar
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Helping Handle

Some things in life are easy to 'get to grips' with - and some not so much. The great use for the Helping Handle is for aiding those who sometimes find it difficult to get in and out of the bath or shower. It's so versatile that you can place it to your exact requirements in order to get the assistance you need. The Helping Handle is an adhesive-free, non-drilling solution that won't cause damage. In fact, it uses suction cups with flip locking tabs to create a strong vacuum that firmly 'sticks' to a smooth surface. It can be quickly and easily positioned and removed again with absolutely no fuss at all, providing a strong hold that you can rely on.


  • Won't damage or mark surfaces
  • Grips any solid, smooth surface that doesn't have a grain
  • No drilling or adhensives required
  • Suction cups with flip up locking tabs
  • Can be effortlessly removed and relocated
  • To remove simply flip the tabs
  • A strong hold you can rely on
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