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Collapsible Colander Orange

2 Different Sizes
Only $9.99
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You will love this collapsible colander with its new space-saving design. Strainers are foldable, so they do not take up much needed room in your kitchen cupboards. Collapsed strainers is less than 2 inches high!Works for draining most foods like spaghetti, pasta, potatoes, broccoli, green beans, carrots, spinach and other veggies. User these strainers to rinse your salad leafs, fruits and fresh vegetables.

  • Extremely Durable,
  • Comfortable grip
  • BPA free
  • FDA approved
  • Ergonmic design
  • Fast draining
  • 2 different sizes: Small 24cm x 8cm, Large 29cm x 9cm
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