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Laser 10 Port USB Charging Hub

Simultaneous Charging Made Easy
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Laser 10 Port USB Charging Hub

This versatile and centralised 10 USB Port Charging Station charges up to 5 devices with high power capacity quickly (tablets and smartphones) or alternatively power 10 devices (including smartphone and tablets) at the same time.

With intelligent multiple safety protections, it’s ideal for the home, office and travel use to charge multiple devices without messy cords and cables plugged into every socket. It's the simple solution we've all been searching for.


  • Charge 10 devices: With the 10 port USB charger, you can charge or power up to 10 devices at the same time. Let's think about that...devices could be mobile phones, tablets, power banks, e-books, cameras (action, digital, crash cam), GPS, headphones/headsets, wireless keyboards, gaming controllers, toys and the list goes on. Also consider that there may be more than one person in your household or business so charging up to 10 devices may not seem so silly after all.
  • Charge faster: With five 2.4 amp high powered USB ports (or ten 1 amp USB ports), the USB 101 charger can get your high powered devices like iPhones, tablets and power banks charged up to 5 times faster than normal. Even if you only have a 30 minutes to spare, the USB101 charger can get more power to your device faster. Choose from two charging configurations: 10 Amp/50 Watt total (10 x 1 Amp/5 Watt) or 12 Amp/60 Watt total (5 x 2.4 Amp/12 Watt)
  • You're protected: With a built in over charge circuitry, the LASER 10 port charger will save your device battery by never over charging. When the Intelligent sensors detect a full charge the LASER 10 port charger stops charging or trickle charges to maintain a full charge. Additionally, the LASER USB101 charger has built in protection against electrical spikes and overheating further saving your device from damage. With LASER"s Australian electrical safety compliance guarantee, you can be assured that you and your devices are safe.
  • Charge anywhere: Whether at home, in the office or on vacation, the LASER USB 101 charger is portable and easy to use. It's often the first thing you pack when travelling and the first thing you connect at your destination.  You can also take the LASER 10 port charger overseas as it's rated from 100v to 240v (you will need the appropriate conversion plug though).
  • Colour your world: Available in a variety of colours, the LASER 10 port charger can brighten up your workstation, office or anywhere you may be charging a device.
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