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Multifunction Carry Trolley

Holds Up To 70kg
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Moving house can be a real hassle - you always own more than you think you do. Unless you have a friend who can help, carrying all those boxes can start to make your back ache and how on earth are you going to carry the larger items?

This Multifunction Carry Trolley is practical and easy to use, and will help bear the load so you can transport your boxes, furniture and equipment with ease. It folds completely flat for storage, plus the handle is extendable. Best-of-all, with a single movement the load plate and wheels open and close simultaneously. 


  • Transport boxes, furniture and equipment
  • Folds completely flat for storage
  • Extendable handle
  • Single movement opening and closing action
  • Slip resistant load plate
  • Holds a maximum of 70kg load


  • Maximum load capacity: 60 ~ 70kg
  • Dimensions (folded): 67.5 x 38.3 x 6 cm
  • Dimensions (load plate): 38.3 x 27.3 cm
  • Length when handle is fully extended: 97cm
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