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Anatomy of Fitness: Core

Book & DVD
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Discover how working the core muscles in the butt, lower back, abdomen, and hips will efficiently and effectively develop and maintain core stability and strength. Anatomy of Fitness: Core shows you how to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle tissue, and build muscular function throughout your entire body.

Featuring a complete DVD core training program and a 64-page book, this user-friendly kit includes a complete program of warm-up, core stability and core strengthening exercises, comprehensive anatomical illustrations of the muscles used in each exercise, clear guidance on the correct form and what to avoid  to ensure you're working effectively and safely, plus a bonus diary of practice with each exercise to record and review your progress.


  • Book & DVD set
  • Range of core training exercise sequences
  • Easy to tailor a program to suit your fitness needs
  • Improve core function, look fitter and trimmer
  • Build flexibility, strength, and endurance
  • Illustrations of muscles used per exercise
  • Guidance on correct form and what to avoid
  • Diary of practice to record and view your progress
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