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EG Anti Mosquito Bracelet

8 Pack

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EG Anti Mosquito Bracelet


  • 4 x EG Anti Mosquito Bracelet

Keep mosquito's away with these reusable repellent bracelets.

Wear the EG Anti Mosquito Bracelet on wrist or ankle, fasten with adjustable push fastener. Or fasten to your pack, tent or other equipment to deter mosquito's.


  • 8 Pack (4x2 packs)
  • Assorted colours - will be sent at random
  • Perfect for hiking, fishing, camping etc
  • Waterproof so you can wear while swimming
  • Deet free (contains US EPA approved natural essential extract that REALLY works)
  • Safe for the whole family
  • Will last up to 180 hours 


Please Note: This stock is past the expiry date (hence the crazy price), but they still work perfectly. Expires Dec 2014

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