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Filling you in about ya mates

There are some things that are just between mates – you know, those stories that you only know if you’re ‘one of the boys’ (or girls). Well, since you’re our mates, it’s about time we told you those stories…

First up, we’ve been doing this since 2007, so we’re not one of those new kids on the block. We’re a Kiwi company – owned and operated – but are doing a pretty sweet job across the ditch too, which is only a ‘hop, skip and a jump’ from our base by the Auckland Airport.

As well as James and Robert, who started Off The Back and keep things ticking over day-to-day, we’ve got a team of buyers who hunt out the best deals that we can pass on to you guys. Our aim is to be the cheapest in the country for that product, for that day.

That’s not all though, there’s the warehouse staff who make sure that all the right bits get packaged up and sent out to you, as well as our email gurus, designers and techie guys who keep the site looking and working as it should. You could call us a pretty normal Kiwi company really – not super small, but we’re not owned by one of those nameless, faceless corporates either. We sit in that sweet spot in the middle’… Big enough to know what we’re doing, but small enough to care.

Although we love what we do and have fun everyday, just between us mates, we also take certain things pretty seriously… like our privacy policy. We just don’t think it’s cool to share anyone’s info and we hate spammers, so we’d never pass on your email address or any of the digits you give us.